Zoho Get on Track Program
Business is a game of systems. Doing things manually can be incredibly frustrating. Tasks such as manually processing emails, not following up with your leads on time and missing out on sales are just some of the hassles you’re probably dealing with on a daily basis. If you’re trying to get the most out of platforms like Zoho, then we’re here to help. Our “Get On Track” program will help you optimise your use of Zoho. You’ll be able stay focused on important projects by clearly defining what needs to get done and you’ll be able to keep your team accountable, saving thousands of dollars in the process. Ultimately, you’ll generate more sales and profit for your business.
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Focus on Optimising Zoho CRM and Zoho One to ensure that you are getting the full benefit of each module. Rather then having one person, we have specialists who can assist with the customisation, training and support who can/will empower you to take full advantage of the Zoho applications.

Includes Priority Support. Our team can address any queries within a couple of hours.

  • Additional training
  • Free Webinars and Tutorials
  • Address general questions immediately when they arise via phone or e-mail.
  • Huge Savings Can be paid monthly.

Some of the most common mistakes I’ve seen when using Zoho are:

Mistake 01

Not having Zoho on your phone even when you’re out of the office means having to redo your work. With Zoho on your phone you’ll have instant access to your client’s info no matter where you are.

Mistake 02

Employees’ lack of proper Zoho training — your employees not knowing their way around Zoho means money lost and time wasted for your business.

Mistake 03

Not tracking — Zoho allows you to track appointments and tasks, you’ll stay up to date with the client’s history at all times. Never miss a lead or a sale again because communication between departments falls through the cracks. Quickly get new staff up to speed with what’s going on in your process.

Mistake 04

 Manually copying emails from Outlook, Gmail, etc…to your CRM means having to double-handle your tasks which is time consuming and costs you lots of money. When you link Zoho to your website, your enquiries can be responded to immediately and assigned to the appropriate team member for follow-up. These tasks can also be reviewed by management to ensure that team members are following up in a timely fashion.

Mistake 05

There’s no reports — can’t find a customer’s email from two months ago? Customers having to repeat themselves each time they call? Zoho’s Analytics tool delivers reports automatically to the appropriate team member. This allows for quick follow-up so you don’t miss a lead or a sale.

Mistake 06

There’s no Marketing Automation Process — what if a new lead decides to wait? Without an automated workflow, you have no proper way of sending personalised emails and keeping in touch with your clients, leads, and contacts.

Mistake 07

Emails campaigns are left to chance and only carried out when necessary. Even then, just one email gets sent. It’s a game of wait and see instead of using proper, measurable, and structured email campaigns that work. Zoho can help you set up automated,long-term campaigns that span over several months and target the right audience.

Our commitment to you is 2 hours per month, cancel anytime. We’ll work together to hash out a plan that delivers results, clearly defines projects and tasks, and keeps you and your staff accountable. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered. 

For 2 hours every month, we’ll help you get the most out of your business by providing proper training, tools, and all the support you need using Zoho. 

Our normal price for the “Get On Track” package

is $4,224 + GST but the price for you is only $2950 + GST. or $300 + GST per month
***Companies lose anywhere between 20% to 30% in revenue every year due to inefficient processes and bottlenecks in their operation. Our cost is only a fraction of what you’ll end up paying if you continue to run an inefficient business.
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